Theocratic Ministry School TMS software program
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Welcome to the Theocratic Ministry School TMS - Software Program -  for 2015!

Announcement: The mid-week meeting has a new exciting format for 2016. The Our Christian Life and Ministry software version is now Ready!

Download and Install Our Christian Life and Ministry software OCLM 2016

This program has been updated to follow the Theocratic Ministry School Changes and Organizational Direction! TMS 2015 provides the basics that every School Overseer needs without being overwhelmed by hundreds of software options and sub-menu's. It is the essence of simple design.

Key Features:
  • Follows the Organizations Direction by Not Having Any Copyright or Schedule information embedded in the program.
  • Easy to Change Students Preferences (Talk Types, Schools, Availability).
  • Easy to Schedule Students Assignments (Talks, Demonstrations, Discourses).
  • Easy to Maintain Students History (Completed Date, Study Point, Setting Point).
  • Easy to Generate and Print (Schedules, Slips, Worksheets).
  • Easy to Create Backups of your Data.
  • Possibility to import from Wintm tswintm (Students); TMS Explorer (Students, Congregation Info, Talk History).
  • Schedule/Worksheet/Slip Printouts are displayed in your MS Word Document Editor (or PDF editor for fillable S89) to allow for custom modifications.
  • Print TMS assignments on the official paper Slips. For some languages/users, assignment slip printouts can also be displayed/edited/printed using the downloaded PDF S89 slips.
  • Support for One, Two or Three Schools.
  • Import the 2015 TMS schedule in over 100+ Languages.
  • Automatically Import Study Points and Settings in over 100+ Languages.
  • Program Interface/GUI Languages - English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Simplified Chinese. However, the program is flexible to be used for almost any language - try it with Your Language!.
  • TMS has been designed for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Simple to use, Easy to Learn, User friendly.
  • For More Information view Screen Caps of the TMS 2015 Software Program
  • Cost: Free & Donation Basis
The TMS 2015 program is now ready for download. This version does not contain any copyright information such as the schedule, slips, study or setting points. However these can be added by following the instructions provided on the download page.

Download and Install the Theocratic Ministry School Software - TMS 2015

If you have been using TMS TMS2014, please see the following instructions for Updating to TMS2015

Did you notice this very important announcement in the documents tab on

Please note that electronic copies of forms and letters:
  • Should not be made available to unauthorized individuals. checkmark
  • May not be incorporated into or distributed with any software program. checkmark
Also, did you notice the Terms of Use on

It says you may not:
  • Republish Content from this website with or as part of any software application. checkmark
  • Reproduce, duplicate, copy, or otherwise exploit material on this website for a commercial purpose or for money (even if no profit is involved), including the distribution of computer applications based on, connected, or linked (whether static or dynamic) to this website checkmark
  • Access this site for the purpose of creating and distributing source code, tools, or techniques for conducting any systematic or automated data collection activities (including without limitation scraping, data mining, data extraction, and data harvesting) on or in relation to this website checkmark
It's very clear that Software should not have the Theocratic Ministry School Schedule Material or Slips incorporated or distributed with the downloaded program. Do not use those Theocratic Software Programs if they are not following this direction from the Organization!!!
You will be happy to know that TMS 2015 follows this direction checkmark for all of these important requirements unlike the vast majority of other TMS and other Theocratic Software Programs. Our program allows those with access to the Forms Area, to import or type in the official PDF schedule and slips into TMS 2015 after downloading. Another way is to type-in the Schedule weeks as printed in the Kingdom Ministry, or save the schedule (if available), study and setting points web pages from and after import into TMS.

Theocratic Ministry School TMS Software Program at
Simple and Easy Student Scheduling, Updating, Printing of Ministry School Assignments.

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